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Cross-Shaped 7545 CSP Chip: Best of the Best

More Concentrated Light Pattern. No Blinding Oncoming Drivers.

HYUGA LED U9S Headlight is packed with Cross-shaped LED chip with size 7545,  and CSP technique. It is tested as 4200 lumen as the ultra brightness, giving a mind-blowing retrofit to your automotive headlight. 

The light pattern has been upgraded from our last version, LED Headlight U9. Moreover, it is 5X more concentrated than any other average LED headlight can do. 


Industry-Leading Cooling System

The Dual Copper Cooling Pads

Sustaining the high level of brightness is difficult for LED chips after a long lighting time– LED light decays due to higher temperature. The dual copper cooling pads modifies the power of the LED chip to gain the maximum performance of lighting.


The 10,000RPM Fan with Dense Cooling Fins

It provides the industry-leading post-cooling after the dual copper pads that removes heat from LED chips. The fans work as the removal of the heats on the copper pads, which brings on the whole co-cooling systems to maintain the brightness of LED lights.

Smartest Base Ring Ever, So Easy to Install


The basement ring a crucial tool for car owner to install LED headlight. To bring on the ease of install, we designed this base ring to be 360 degrees adjustable and no need for screw during the installation.

Due to the smart design, the install is so easy. Just plug it in, turn it to a stop point. Done, and it works perfectly! You don't even need a technical skills to rely on. 





Refer the size of each base type:

● 1 inch = 25.4 mm


Cross-Shaped LED CSP Chip, 7545


Headlight replacement for vehicles, scooters and motorcycles.


H1 / H3 / H4 / H7 / H8 / H9 / H11 / H16J / 9005 / 9006 / 9012


4,200 lumen


45W  (Tolerance: 80W )




White, 6000K-6500K

Cooling System

1. 10,000 RPM, Silent Fan with Dense Fins
2. Dual Copper Cooling Pads
3. Thermal Controller Chip

Thermal Controller

1. Control the central temperature of the LED chips.

2.Eliminate the thermal issues happened to the light bulbs.

3. Sustain the brightness at the high level during the working time.

Waterproof Level


One Pack Includes

1 pair of LED headlight +
1 pair of driver


2 years 



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