2015-2016 Honda CR-V LED Whole Replacement Package (Hi/Lo Headlight, Turn Signal, Fog Light, Dome Light, Back Up Light ,Trunk, Map, Mirror Light)

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Option: Full LED Replacement Pack (White Fog Light U9S Included)
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You can choose the options below for your sedan:

  1. Full 15-16 Honda CR-V LED Replacement Pack $303.89 NOW ONLY $274.99


Read the Description below for the detailed info for our products:


Front LED Headlight High Beam & Low Beam - U9S


Cross-Shaped LED CSP Chip, 7545


Headlight replacement for vehicles, scooters and motorcycles.


H8 / H9 / H11 / 9005


4,200 lumen


45W  (Tolerance: 80W )




White, 6000K-6500K

Cooling System

1. 10,000 RPM, Silent Fan with Dense Fins
2. Dual Copper Cooling Pads
3. Thermal Controller Chip

Thermal Controller

1. Control the central temperature of the LED chips.

2.Eliminate the thermal issues happened to the light bulbs.

3. Sustain the brightness at the high level during the working time.

Waterproof Level


One Pack Includes

1 pair of LED headlight +
1 pair of driver


2 years 


Front LED Fog Light Beam - HL3 (Yellow)



Ultimate CSP Chip, 7035


Fog-light oriented design:
1. No glaring
2. Clear vision in the smog, fog weather.


H8 / H9/ H11


2,900 lumen



Input Voltage


Emitting Color

Amber, 3000K (golden yellow)

Waterproof Level


LED Trunk, Map, Vanity Mirror Bulb

LED Chip 6 SMD 2835
Sales Unit 1 bulb or 10 bulbs
Basement  T10 #555
Light Color White / Warm White / Cyan / Ice Blue / Red / Yellow
Warranty 6 months

  360 degrees lighting! Okay for long-time Lighting!

☆  Perfectly compatible with European cars.

LED Back Up Light Bulb

SUPER BRIGHT, 700 lumens!! 

Package contains these LED conversion bulbs with BEST-QUALITY, and Plug & Play: 

  1. LED High Beam Headlight Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, 9005)

  2. LED Low Beam Headlight Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, H8 / H9 / H11)

  3. LED Fog Light 3000K Yellow-Color Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, H8 / H9 / H11)

  4. LED Front Turn Signal Light / Parking Light $45.99 (2 pcs, T20 / 7443)

  5. LED Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb $45.99 (2 pcs, T20 / 7440)

  6. LED Map Light (White)  $4.98 (2 pcs)

  7. LED Trunk Light (White) $4.98 (2 pcs)

  8. LED Dome Light (White) $4.98 (2 pcs)

  9. LED License Plate Light (White) $4.98 (2 pcs)

  10. LED Vanity Mirror Light (White, 31mm festoon)  $2.99 (2 pcs)

  11. LED Back Up Light (White) (2 pcs)

  12. LED Brake Light (Red) $16.99 (2 pcs)

1.5 year of warranty (headlights for 2 y).

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