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49 SMD | LED Automotive Turn Signal Bulb (Wedge T20 3157 / Bayonet BA15S, BAU15S, BAY15D)

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- 5 times upgrade for brightness.

- The light color is close to the factory-equipped bulbs, but much brighter, much more charming. 

- Are you searching for the anti-hyperflash turn signal bulbs? Click here!


LED Chip
42 pcs on sides, 7 pcs on the top side.

Package includes
3 options available:
2 pcs, 4 pcs or 10 pcs as a package.

Automotive turn signal light

7440 (T20), 7443(T20), BA15S, BAU15S, BAY15D(1157), 3157


6 months



BAU15S BA15S BAY15D Size

7440 7443 T20 Size

3157 size base type



This is an electronic product, so please refer that this product is guaranteed by the certificates that measures safety, the damage to the health, and the potential danger. You may further visit our Certification - Per-Accurate Inc. ( for detailed certification information.

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We use anti-statics electricity bag to pack your order rather than any low-quality of blister card unless we are mentioned by the buyer.

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