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2009-2013 TOYOTA Corolla LED Whole Replacement Package (headlight, fog light, turn signal, reverse light, brake light, map light, dome light)

$321.99 $359.40
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We would like to introduce our ultimate plan to upgrade your Toyota Corolla 2009~2013!!

You can choose the options below for your sedan:

  1. Full 11~13 Corolla LED Replacement Pack $359.4 NOW ONLY $321.99

  2. Full 09~10 Corolla LED Replacement Pack (no turn signal bulb replacement)

    $313.41 NOW ONLY $281.99


We picked up this headlight for your Corolla high, low beam headlight  and fog light:



The LED Turn Signal for Your Corolla

We picked up T20 CAN Bus Anti Hyper Flash LED Turn Signal!
The brightness is three times higher than the original bulbs!
Most important of all, it is CAN bus, meaning that you don't need a decoder to avoid hyper flash.



Rear LED Dome Light


Corolla LED Trunk Light


Corolla LED License Plate Light Bulb

This ultimate white color really fits your license plate!!

You may leave an instruction during checkout if you need the alternate LED color for any of these items:

  1. LED High Beam Headlight Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, 9005)

  2. LED Low Beam Headlight Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, 9006)

  3. LED Fog Light Bulb $84.99(2 pcs, H8 / H9 / H11)

  4. LED Rear Turn Signal Lights $45.99(2 pcs) (for 11~13)

    This is of the base type: 7440A with yellow color.
    It features CAN bus built-in that helps to prevent from the hyper flash issue. The brightness upgrade is dramatic– up to 5x times brighter than the original.

  5. LED Rear Dome Light  $2.99(1 pc)

    This is of the base type: festoon 28mm with super white color.
    The light bulb features a board-shape that brings on the larger volume in lighting.

  6. LED License Plate Light (White)  $4.98 (2 pcs)

  7. LED Trunk Light $2.49

  8. LED Back-up Light  $30.99

    The model, S-22, of the reverse light bulb (also called back up light) is up to 6 times brighter than the original bulbs!! It is of the base type: T10 with ultimate brightness of white light.

  9. LED Brake Light  $16.99

1.5 year of warranty.

Read the Description below for the detailed info for our products:



This is an electronic product, so please refer that this product is guaranteed by the certificates that measures safety, the damage to the health, and the potential danger. You may further visit our Certification - Per-Accurate Inc. ( for detailed certification information.

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We use anti-statics electricity bag to pack your order rather than any low-quality of blister card unless we are mentioned by the buyer.

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