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HYUGA Headlight / Fog Light HL3 (Yellow 3000K)

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It seems to be yellow, but actually not. It is "amber" color as its greatest feature. Its brightness is incredible. After design, we measured a single bulb to get the brightness value - 2,900 lumen. What's more? To make this headlight sustain its brightness level for the long term of work, we designed a sophisticated module for cooling --one copper heat conductor and a fan. Learn more about the feature:



Ultimate CSP Chip, 70 x 35


(car, motorcycle, truck)


H1 / H3 / H4
/ H7 / H8 / H9
/ H11 / H16J
/ 9005 / 9006
/ 9012 / D2(D4)


2,900 lumen

Power 45W
Input Voltage


Emitting Color

Amber, 3000K

Waterproof Level



Shown below

Unit 1 pair
(2 LED headlight bulbs)

1 year


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