Jaguar E-Pace | LED footwell ambient Light

The term "ambient lighting" makes you think of creating a dazzling, dreamy effect that sets a unique mood inside the car. But if the original Juguar E-Pace bring you "dim, yellowish" halogen bulbs, doesn't that feel like a bit of a letdown?


Today, we're sharing the Jaguar E-Pace, which looks incredibly cool from both the front and rear angles. In fact, the entire car uses a lot of LED lights to enhance its techy feel. However, the footwell ambient lights still use traditional T10 halogen bulbs. Now, we offer a new T10 LED bulbs to enhance the light effect. It only takes a minute to easily upgrade the interior atmosphere.


Check out the picture below, where we replaced the footwell ambient lights with Tiffany blue ones. The whole vibe is significantly enhanced.

Not only Tiffany blue, but we also offer a variety of colors to choose from. Come and create a unique look for your car with your preferred color!


💡 Most car models have a similar design for replacing the front footwell ambient lights. Feel free to check out the tutorial video below and upgrade your car yourself!

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