With decades of product design, techniques and sales in automotive LED light bulbs / arcade gaming machine LEDs, Per-Accurate has been a significant manufacturer and seller worldwide, with the brand "HYUGA" for the sophisticated and even more powerful LEDs.  

HYUGA Registered to USPTO

"HYUGA" is Registered to

United States Patent And Trademark Office


Our most dynamic R&D and manufacturing department, with professionals based on user orientation and human factors design, launches innovative and efficient auto lights and parts every year; our sales department keeps service after product delivery –providing warranty and free technical consultation; our product—PA® LED Lights & Parts, has also obtained certificates as like:



Signify (Formerly "Philips Lighting") Authorization


RoHS Certificate


Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2002/95/EC


CE certificate

CE Marking

Communate Europpene



Company founded.

Been a supplier of AUTOBACS & Yellow Hat.

Started selling work light and off-road light.

Started selling pinball led light and been a supplier of SKODA.

Been focused on general light (flood light, LED tube light and etc.)

Been given the certificate “EnabLED” by Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, for its manufacturing process and quality.

Subsidiary brand “Hyuga” founded for high-end auto lights & parts.




Are you from custom auto shop or a business in need of bulk purchase and customization? You have found out an exact company to serve you. We have one to one business contact for your pre and post purchase. Please check out our Product Catalog, and make a contact.


Warranty and Technical Support 

The goods you purchase in our online shop and official channels are tied with our warranty policy —any unexpected, broken products at the first unboxing can be returned for new ones. After purchase, we have technical support in our office time, meaning that solving any issues from the products are available regardless of your location. Please refer to our Warranty Policy and Registration.


Company Information:

After-sales & Technical Contact: service@per-accurate.com


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