Upgrade Lexus RX Fog Light with HYUGA TF1 Fog Lights 3000K 6000K L1B bulbs
Can the fog lights of the Lexus RX be replaced? In this blog, we will teach you how to install HYUGA TF1 fog light leds on Lexus RX.
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How to determine if installation is possible?
You can visually determine if a light fixture can be used by examining its appearance.
The light fixture on the right side, with a projector-like appearance, is the one that can be upgraded to TF1!
Order Now(White / Amber)👉https://paledlight.com.tw/Ows8g
How to replace and install it?
Remove the light fixture > Remove Lexus RX original fog light module > Install the TF1 dedicated module > Reattach the light fixture
Installation Video: https://youtu.be/n5tTXc05RJ4   
TF1 Fog Light Actual Installation Photo:

In the past, enhancing the brightness of OEM LED fog lights was a costly and uncertain process, often involving extensive modifications and potential aesthetic damage. The TF1 dedicated model now offers a straightforward, budget-friendly solution. It greatly enhances fog light brightness while preserving the original OEM unit. This approach has become the leading choice for lighting upgrades in recent years, eliminating the need for expensive replacements or risky alterations, ensuring cost-effective and effective results.
Order Now(White / Amber)👉https://paledlight.com.tw/Ows8g
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