Why are my car headlights so dim? 5 reasons and solutions you need to know
Before solving this problem, we must first understand what the possible cause is.
When driving at night on the road, but unable to see the headlights, it could be due to the following possible reasons:
1. Light source is too dim 
The original halogen headlights usually degrade by 30-50% after about six months, depending on usage. When the lights have dimmed, it's natural not to see your headlights anymore. At this point, your eyes strain to observe the road, and you might struggle to illuminate distant areas, losing precious reaction time in case of an accident.
Solution: Replace with brighter bulbs. There are higher brightness versions of halogen headlights available, but they may cause the fixture to fog up faster. Switching to LED bulbs is currently the best solution.
*Note: If your headlights are originally LED, they're designed by the manufacturer to have lower brightness and power consumption for durability. If you find the brightness too low, you'll need to replace the entire fixture; you can't just swap out the bulbs.
2. Light fixture fog up  
If you still feel like the headlights are dim even after replacing the bulbs, kindly check if the fixtures have become fogged. If the fixtures are fogged, no matter how many times you change the bulbs, you won't be able to increase brightness, and it may only worsen the damage to the fixtures.
Solution: Exchange the headlight fixtures 
3. Wrong headlight focal length 
Incorrect bulb focal length will result in scattered and spilled light, not only makes your lights less effective but also causing glare to oncoming vehicles!
Solution: When buying bulbs, always go for branded ones that prioritize proper focal length design!
4. Check the heat-insulating film and the windshield wipers  
If the heat-insulating film has too low light transmittance or the wipers don't clean properly, it can indeed obstruct your forward visibility, leading to situations where you can't see your own headlights, subsequently compromising road safety.
Solution: Replace the wipers and check if the light transmittance coefficient of the heat-insulating film is too low.
5. DO NOT misuse high beam headlights
Currently, many drivers still can't distinguish between low beam and high beam headlights. It's a common sight on the roads to see high beams mistaken for low beams... it's really, really glaring, and this tends to happen most often with halogen headlights! The main reasons for this are surprisingly simple: low beam malfunction, insufficient brightness, or simply not paying attention.
Solution: Promptly seek repairs when the low beam malfunctions. Also, pay attention to the high beam indicator.

# Insufficiently bright headlights should never be ignored.
The dangers posed by dim headlights are irreparable. If you notice any dimness in your headlights, it's crucial to address it promptly to prevent unfortunate incidents.

#Unsure which situation you're in?
Feel free to contact PA LED, the most professional Taiwanese brand, to find the most suitable solution for you.

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