2019 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 LED Exterior Replacement Package (headlight, reverse light, brake light, side marker)

オプション: フル LED 交換パック (イエロー フォグ ライトを含む)


2019 to 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 LED Upgrade

You may choose this item to upgrade all of the LED exterior bulb on Dodge Ram:
Full LED Replacement Pack $271.89 NOW ONLY $245.99


LED Low Beam / High Beam Headlight


LED Fog Light

There are two options for the Ram owners to have a good upgrade to LED fog light.

LED White Fog Light Bulb (2 pcs, H11/8/9)
>> The most popular choice among LED replacements. 

LED 3000K Yellow Fog Light Bulb PF4 $42.99(2 pcs, H11/8/9)
>> Yellow light would more effectively penetrate among the smog/fog/dust than the while light does, binging on an even more clear vision and safety for drivers.

You may leave an instruction during checkout if you need alternate LED color for any of these items:

  1. LED High Beam Headlight Bulb (2 pcs, 9005)

  2. LED Low Beam Headlight Bulb (2 pcs, H11/8/9)

  3. LED White Fog Light Bulb (2 pcs, H11/8/9)
    LED 3000K Yellow Fog Light Bulb (2 pcs, H11/8/9)

  4. LED Back-up Light 

    Chosen Bestseller: 30 SMD LED 360-degree emitting light bulb

  5. LED Front Side Marker Light 

  6. LED CAN-Bus Cargo Light (White) (2 pcs)

  7. LED 3rd Brake Light (Red) (2 pcs)

  8. LED Red Brake Light  

1.5 year of warranty.

Read the Description below for the detailed info for our products:


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