Compatible with 2014-2020 TOYOTA 4Runner Whole LED Replacement Package (low high beam headlight, fog light, turn signal, interior light...)

オプション: 4Runner LED 交換用フルパック


SUPER BRIGHT! An Ultimate Lighting Replacement for your Toyota 4Runner 2014 ~ 2020.

You can choose the options below for your sedan:

  1. Full 4Runner LED Replacement Pack $340 NOW ONLY 324.99 (The Front Turn Signal Light Bulb is not include)

Each LED replacement pack includes:

  1. LED Headlight Low Beam U9S  $84.99 (H11, 1 pair)

  2. LED Headlight High Beam U9S $84.99 (9005, 1 pair)

  3. LED Fog Light U623 $49.99 (H11, 1 pair)

  4. Rear LED Turn Signal Lights  $45.99 (2 pcs)

    This is of the base type: 7440A with yellow color.
    It features CAN bus built-in that helps to prevent from the hyper flash issue. The brightness upgrade is dramatic– up to 5x times brighter than the original.

  5. LED Front Map Lights  $4.98(2 pcs)

    This is of the base type: T10 (#555) with white color.

  6. LED Vanity Mirror Light  $4.98 (2pcs)

    This is of the base type: T10 (#555) with white color.

  7. LED Rear Dome Light  $2.99(1 pc)

    This is of the base type: festoon 31mm with super white color.
    The light bulb features a board-shape that brings on the larger volume in lighting.

  8. LED Door Light $9.96 (4 pcs)

    This is of the base type: T10 (#555) with white color.

  9. LED Front Side Marker Light (Yellow)  $4.98 (2pcs)

    This is of the base type: T10 (#555) with yellow color.

  10. LED License Plate Light (White)  $4.98 (2 pcs)

  11. LED Trunk Light $17.98 (2 pcs)

  12. LED Back-up Light  $30.99 (2 pcs)

    The model, S-22, of the reverse light bulb (also called back up light) is up to 6 times brighter than the original bulbs!! It is of the base type: T10 with ultimate brightness of white light.


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