LED Switchback White / Amber Auto LED Bulb T20 7443 7444 36SMD Turn Signal Daytime Running Light DRL Parking Light (1 Pair)

サイズ: T20 / 7443
色: ホワイト / イエロー



36 SMD

One Quantity Contain:

1 Pair

Light Color

Fits Switchback Mode.
6500K, White +
Amber(Turn Signal Color)

Base Type

‎T20, 7443, 7443NA, 7444, 7444NA, 7444LL, 992


1.5 years


CAN Bus built in: anti hyper flash and error code.

Fan Cooling: sustaining brightness at 90~100%.

Halogen Bulb Size: nearly same as halogen.


Why does CAN bus give effort to anti hyper flash?

Some cars have a so-called "outage detection system" for light sources. This system checks the function of the lights in the form of electric impulses. As LEDs have a lower power consumption than conventional lamps, the outage detection system could report them as “defect”. In case that you notice this error in your vehicle, we recommend using this LED can-bus lights. Now on the auto market, can-bus led bulbs are much made commonly used in led turn signal light and also backup light. Most of all type of product on the market only have a power of up to 3w, so the decoding success rate is very low. But our type of built-in decoding function is to increase the current, so the power can up to 5w. Its power is higher than the general LED bulb and the same to halogen bulb of power. Our decoding function is more powerful, except for Mercedes-Benz, it is suitable for most models. 


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