Y-22 LED Rear Indicators Turn Signal Amber Orange 2 color fit for Alfa Romeo Giulietta Giulieta (Anti Hyper Flash)-(Pack of 2)

色: タンジェリンサンセット



1. The brightness was measured up to 985 lumens (per bulb)

2. You don't need to buy relay for this bulb.

3. Anti-hyper-flash module built in.


Ultimate LED chip, with size 28x35


⭐️Fit for Alfa Romeo LED Rear Indicators⭐️

Measured Brightness  935 lumens
Power 10W
Emitting Color Tangerine Sunset/ EU Orange

Shown below

Unit 2 bulb

1 year

We know you are so fed up with searching a LED Rear Indicators for ALFA ROMEO. For its sake, we designed a new rear indicators "ONLY" for ALFA ROMEO. After all, the brightness tells everything --985 lumen as measured.



Why do we designed this rear Indicators bulb?

In Alfa Romeo aftermarket, it was somewhat a rare chance to find out the LED rear indicators bulb designed to be compatible with them. Instead, we installed an auto-use rear indicators bulb or universal one. Therefore, some problems, like hyper-flash and the issues from incompatibility bugged us. To stop this situation, we are thrilled to tell you, "this might be what you are looking for this long".


This is an electronic product, so please refer that this product is guaranteed by the certificates that measures safety, the damage to the health, and the potential danger. You may further visit our Certification - Per-Accurate Inc. (per-accurate.com) for detailed certification information.


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