3 Ways To Fix Hyperflash From LED Turn Signals

When people install the LED turn signals,you will certainly encounter a fast-blinking lights, which is quite annoying.

The reason for this is that LEDs consume a lower current than conventional bulbs, which in turn changes the speed of the charging and discharging circuit. However, the fast-blinking problem can be solved!

PA offers the following 3 ways for your reference.

3 Ways To Fix Hyperflash From LED Turn Signals


3 Ways To Fix Hyperflash From LED Turn Signals


Method1Increase the load resistance

Increase current consumption by using resistance

Install the resistance directly between the LED bulb and the lamp holder on your car, in order to increase the power consumption to achieve the effect of anti-flash!

Please make sure if there have enough space behind the light on your car

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Method 2:Replace the relay for LED turn signal

According to the power of the LED with corresponding design, it can easily reach the flashing speed of the original relay, about 85 times per minute.

This approach is quite easy, just buy and install it!

But it can’t use with some car models, which don’t have relay design.

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Method 3:Use the built-in light bulbanti-flash LED directional light

The reason that affect flashing speed is power, when LED bulb reaches the same level as the original, the flashing problem will be solved!

Some European car models will run out of fault codes due to the replacement of LED bulbs, which can also be solved.


Advantages: The power can reach up to 21W, and its super bright! Click here to see the demo video


Disadvantages: Because the power of the light reach the original power of 21W, which resulting in high temperature of the light. In order to prevent the light burned out, all of these light bulbs have temperature control design, when the temperature reaches a certain level, it will begin to drop the current and the power will also go down, finally the fast-blinking problem occur again!

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Installation Space

Installation Difficulty



Method 1-Adding resistance

Need more space




Method 2-Replace the relay

No impact V Better



High V

Method 3-Replace with anti-flash LEDs

No impact V

easy V

High Brightness V

Fast-blinking between 5 to 10 minutes.



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Fix hyperflash

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