HYUGA, founded in 2021, is a group of talented designer, developers, and production engineers in Per-Accurate Incorporation dedicated to the best customer satisfaction from automotive / arcade LED bulbs. The brand “HYUGA” literally means the combination of insightfulness and aesthetics, which stand for our disciplines.


HYUGA, Stay Realistic:

HYUGA discovered many resellers advertise the unreal and over-exaggerated spec information for their products, and customers lack opportunities for knowing the truth of products in this kind. In recent years we decided to do one thing: advocate the correct knowledge to stop the chaos.


Thanks to the tirelessly efforts, HYUGA has proven processes, sales volume, and quality in the highly competitive market thanks to leveraging the knowledge on evaluating LED products. Besides, HYUGA products have gained massive attentions from famous car and arcade club for its continuing innovation and safety.


Why Choose HYUGA LED bulbs?

We are one of the LED rare companies that owned the product certificate “EnabLED” provided by Signify (formerly Philips Lightings). All HYUGA products are well-engineered and guaranteed for its quality and manufacturing process. 

HYUGA is not a reseller but focus on designing, manufacturing, and customizing superb LED lineups for our clients and customers. Out of our confidence on the high-end manufacturing techniques and design, HYUGA gives everything real in such post-truth era. Every tech spec to be advertised, particularly brightness, are proven by the well-calibrated instruments.


Best Customer Service:

All the customer or people interested in our product have rights to get constructive advices and instructions from us. Our improving services –product inquiry, suggestion, to aftersales, have gained 300% uplift of the customer satisfaction month by month. What’s even worth mentioning: over 70% of our customers returned to repurchase our products.


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