Upgrade to LED Headlights|4 Essential Tips you need to know!
With the rising demand for car lighting, more and more peoples are diving into the DIY scene and grabbing LED bulbs for their rides. But it's not all smooth sailing. They run into a bunch of headaches and slip-ups during installation. Now here, we've compiled four common areas where mistakes are easily made. Consider this your go-to guide if you're a DIY fan looking to upgrade your car headlights.
Here are 4 common mistakes:
◾  Clasp Fastening Method
◾  Adjusting Bulb Light Pattern
◾  Verifying Focal Length
◾  Height Adjustment
1. Clasp Fastening Method
Car LED headlights typically use the following specifications:
Class A: H1, H3, H4, H7, ...
Class B: H8/H9/H11, 9005, 9006, 9012, ...
For Class A, the bulbs are secured by a metal ring on top of the socket, fixing the base of the bulb. In the case of fan-equipped bulbs, because there is an additional fan at the back, it is difficult to secure the metal ring. Therefore, it typically designed as separable components, comprising both the base and the bulb itself. This design allows for securing the base first and then simply inserting the bulb onto it. This configuration ensures a secure bulb installation while simplifying the overall installation process.
For Class B, the lamp socket usually has three grooves, and the bulb base? It's got three matching shapes. All you gotta do is line up those shapes with the grooves, give it a nice clockwise twist, and the bulb can be securely installed. Need to take it out? Twist it counterclockwise, and it comes right off. Easy peasy!

>>>Installation guide for Class B bulbs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SIyfxXORGY 
#Common Mistakes:
Class A:
Newbies might not be aware that the bulb base is detachable, leading to difficulties as it gets stuck by the metal ring, preventing proper installation.

Class B:
Newbies sometimes struggle to align the catches correctly, making it impossible to secure the bulb by rotating. In some cases, they may even force the bulb in, risking damage to the base.
2. Adjusting the Light Pattern of Bulbs

The main distinction between halogen bulbs and LED bulbs lies in their light emission design. Halogen bulbs provide 360-degree illumination using tungsten filaments, while LED bulbs typically emit light from two sides. For dual-sided LED bulbs, optimal light patterns are achieved when emitting to the left and right, usually with rear wires aligning at 6 o'clock. Adjustments may be needed based on your vehicle model for the best results.

A helpful tip: Stand 1-2 car lengths away from a clean wall, turn on headlights, and tweak the bulb's fan angle for the ideal 6 o'clock light pattern, though some models may prefer 5 o'clock or 7 o'clock.
3. Confirming Focal Length
After installation, please check whether the bulb and base are securely and tightly connected. Verify if the emitted light pattern and brightness are normal. For bulbs with an incorrect focal length, both the light pattern and brightness will be far from ideal.
4. Height Adjustment
Height adjustment is the most crucial aspect when replacing LED bulbs!
Many people install LED bulbs with correct light patterns and focal lengths, but sometimes cause the headlight position too high, causing blinding for oncoming traffic.

This situation often occurs after changing tires or replacing bulbs.
After changing tires, the front height of the vehicle may be altered due to factors such as tire pressure and tire size. Therefore, it is important to check for any situation of excessively high headlights after tire replacement.
When replacing bulbs, there is a possibility of unintentionally adjusting the height of the fixture during the installation process. This could result in uneven heights on both sides of the headlights or the lights being projected too high. It is suggested to open the hood and adjust the screw indicated by the orange arrow in the diagram using a Phillips screwdriver to regulate the height on one side. The most important thing is still to make adjustments based on road conditions. 

- Conclusion

Selecting high-quality LED bulbs and using the correct installation method will help me achieve the goal of enhancing headlight brightness for driving safety. 
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