Blinking Bulb #555 #44 #47 Flashing|An artistic choice on Pinball Machine

The Flicker Bulb

The bulb designed to be “flickering” can bring pinball machine lighting more dynamically and charming effect. The flickering effect is based on two approaches: 1.) The IC board of the pinball machine brings flickering to the bulb. 2.) The LED bulb is built in an integrated circuit that brings flickering. Our IC built-in LED bulbs could bring the older, or any machine to light up the bulb with flickering. If you are not sure that your pinball machine could perfectly brings flickering, we offer “The Flicker LED bulb” that is compatible with almost 100% of the bulbs. 

8SMD|Flasher / Flicker|Wedge T15|Non-ghosting|LED Pinball Machine Light Bulb


Look up our catalog for all the series of the general & flicker bulbs.

AC / DC Converter inside Our LED Bulbs

AC/ DC converter is essential for all genre of the gaming machine.  You don’t need to do too much technical work on replacing the original bulb on your pinball machine with our LED bulbs. Our bulbs has core value as powerful brightness, durability, safety, easy install and universal design. 


After acknowledging the feature of our LED product, we hope you have known what LED bulbs you are going to replace the original one with. We always open our welcome mat for you to get more knowledge about gaming LED and our bulb product. 

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HYUGA, a LED bulb and part brand by Per-Accurate Inc., is dedicated to connecting people and the promising LED industry to the future.

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