What is Non-ghosting and how to fix it in your pinball machine?

Did you ever think it burdensome to see the light keep glowing after it is turned off? The ghosting problems happen because not every pinball gaming machine could entirely erase the input current when the power is off. This extra voltage wasn’t a problem for incandescent bulbs, because it need a lot of voltage to start getting bright. However, LEDs can turn on and off instantly with less voltage.

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Bulbs keep flickering(growing). Why?

The flickering(growing) happens to the general bulbs when the given voltage is not stable, up and down  —mostly due to the voltage instability. We recommend the voltage to be as stable at 6.3V as possible from the machine. However, our LED bulbs wouldn’t flicker or grows with power off if there is a slight change in voltage.

Figure 1 : LED bulbs with growing and flickering issue / courtesy: Wayne Schmidt

The bulb started dimming right after power off is due to the current keep inputted to the bulb. To solve this, the bulb with resistor built in is crucial. So that, we offer non-ghosting bulb.


The Non-ghosting Bulb

To avoid ghosting issue for LED bulbs, we designed our LED bulbs to build in “a resistor” which allow the bulbs to light up only when the voltage is over a certain threshold. Most of our customers don’t like problems of ghosting, so that has been why they trust our LED bulbs. 

One of our non-ghosting bulbs is 4 SMD LED bendable with bayonet (BA9S) and T10 (#44 #47) bulbs. Here comes with  


Let's compare our LED with others!


PA LED Bulb (click to shop)


Chip Certificate-based, safe LED chip Miscellaneous, unsafe LED chip
Anti ghosting Yes, with resistor built-in

Uncertain, just hit and miss


Great— 5,000 hr of testing

Uncertain—lack of testing
Lighting Color Well-calibrated / no error Mostly not calibrated
Warranty Yes No


PA LED bulbs are offered to pinball players all around the world, especially USA and Europe, with the stable quality, significant certificates and variable specification (LED chip, color, input voltage and etc.).


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