How to install Zuma Headlight? Installation Tips Shared by Experts
Lately, we've received numerous inquiries about how to install Zuma headlights. To address your queries, we've crafted this blog post, breaking down the installation process into simple and comprehensible steps, enabling you to tackle it with ease.
We will use 4 parts as below:
A-Headlight socket base
B-Black adapter
C-Headlight bulb
D-Headlight bulb plug
1. Twist A(Headlight socket base) out of C(Headlight bulb)
2. Put A(The base socket) on the motor
3. Put B(The black adapter) on ARemember Smooth side up
4. Secure the base completely by fastening the iron wire onto it.
5. Put C(the light bulb) on it
6. Should be like this
7. Finally, let the D(plug) on original adapter, not directly connect it to the car's power socket.
8. Plug it back to your motor.
You can also refer to the following video for the procedure, starting from the 70-second mark:
💡 Remarks:
  1. For the power installation, you need to use the original adapter, not directly connect it to the car's power socket.
  2. To install the bulb, separate the holder from the bulb body. After fixing the holder in place and putting back the dust cover, attach the bulb body.
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